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ReThink Coaching, Courses & Community

Welcome to ReThink Coaching, Courses & Community

When You Are Freed To ReThink Everything, You Are Free To Explore Anything!

Is ReThink For Me?

Do you have questions that you are compelled to explore?

Do you have questions that feel counter to your current or previously held set of beliefs?

Do you find yourself professing one thing but living (or desiring to live) differently?

Do you feel that the current world events have challenged the framework and foundations of your faith system?

Do you feel like your questions are not allowed in your current circles, faith systems or relationships?

Do you wonder (or have been told) that you might be a heretic with "that" question?

Do you find conflict living within your current community with a growing misalignment?

Do you wonder if there is more?

Do you desire to challenge and grow your current worldview?

If you connect with even one of these questions, then this space was created for you!

Curiosity and discovery form the playground of this community. 

We will provide the framework to guide you, but the process and revelation belong to you. This is your container for processing the inner conflicts between your professed beliefs and your lived actions.

Alignment is our hope for you. We will not give you answers to what political party you should join or what church to attend or what cause you should support. We will offer you the sacred and safe space to be guided through your process of exploration.

ReThink Memberships

ReThink is a coaching membership site designed to offer you connection through community and courses. We have ways for you to connect and ReThink.

Free Community Membership includes:

  • Our founding course, ReThink 101. This course will lead you through the 4 Guiding Principles of ReThinking Everything.  
  • 1 Live Q&A via Zoom & Social Media per month (Community Members submit the questions) 
  • You will have various Discussion Groups to narrow in the focus of your particular questions. 
  • Book Club! We are discussing the books that are changing how we view the world and our interaction in it. 
  • COMMUNITY! This is the sacred ground of ReThink. Join other humans from all over the world who are looking to challenge and grow their worldview along with you.
  • Ala Carte Workshops & Masterminds (priced separately and individually)
  • Community Membership Cost: FREE!!

Courses Membership includes:

  • Everything in the Community Membership Plus:  
  • Full access to all  ReThink e-courses, current and future.
  • 1 Members-Only ReThink Tank Zoom Call per month (w/ special guests) - (for Courses Memberships Only)
  • Breakout Groups & Events. (Evangelical deconstruction, LGBTQUIA+ deconstruction, Ex-Pastor's, and more)
  • Ala Carte Workshops & Masterminds (priced separately and individually)
  • Courses Membership Cost: $14.99/mo USD are helping to create this community. You will bring your unique perspective, challenges, and questions to the site that will enhance the experience of growth for all of us. This is an organic community birthed from a shared deconstruction journey and the coaching/courses we experience together.  YOU get to be part of creating what it is!

We hope you will join us as we ReThink Everything...together!

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